Thursday, December 27, 2012

This “New World Order” Is Not New At All

They have been working toward it for centuries!

In order to fully understand this cabal of power hungry and evil people we have to go back centuries to understand the origins of all of the intertwined tentacles they have woven in their never ending pursuit of world domination.

There are many diverse, and seemingly unrelated, puzzle parts that they have devised to hide, in plain sight, their agendas.  They have pervaded all of our social structure from religion, to banking and economics, to politics and leaders in every nation on earth, even to setting up false opposition groups that we can flock to, to “feel good” about fighting back.  All of which they, and their hand picked minions, control with their single goal in mind at all times.  That goal is complete world domination under a fascist/communist form of government where they will rule by absolute coercion and we will have no rights at all.  We will just be their slaves/serfs just like in all of their previous feudal societies in this world's wretched history.

As you will learn when we get to the posts about the United Nations and it's Agenda21, they want to take away our right to own our own property, provide for our own self-defense (ie. mandatory gun confiscation under guise of the UN's disarmament treaty), mange our own children, make our own health care choices, even to choose where we want to live and much more.  They want to control all the world's resources, all of the world's water and land, all of the world's food supply and every person on the planet by the implantation of the RFID tracking chip mandated under Obama-care.  You need too realize that this bill was passed without the Congressmen or Senators even reading it.  They even admit it!

As you will see the President and Congress have all violated our Constitution, and their sworn oaths of office to support the Constitution, as they pretended to create true health-care reform, while actually fooling the average American into accepting “sustainable health-care” as mandated by the United Nations under the false name Obama-care.   “Sustainable health-care” sounds real nice until your learn that is is just a guise to monopolize medicine and to get all the world's sheeple to allow themselves to be implanted with GPS tracking chips.

Both Republicans and Democrats are willing parties subservient to this “New World Order” cabal.   The US Constitution clearly states that no document, person, treaty or authority shall supercede it.   And yet, that is precisely what our traitorous lawmakers and Presidents have been doing for decades.   We will go into all of this in great detail, but first we need to lay the groundwork for your complete understanding by looking at the history, groups, and ideologies behind all of this madness.

Please review all of this material with an open mind.  Remember these power hungry madmen have been at this for 100's of years and have hidden themselves well.  In order to grasp the big picture you need to absorb all of this information so you can formulate your own conclusions.

This post will focus on: The Catholic Church, The Jesuit Order and Freemasonry

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That is enough to get you on track with the satanic/religious side of the New World Order.   In the next post we will focus on the Militaristic/Psychopathic side of these power hungry satanists.

Thank you all for taking the time to read my posts to become better informed about these dangerous villains and the threat they pose to our freedom and way of life.