Friday, November 16, 2012

Secrecy, the Controller’s Behind True Power, and Their Agenda

This May Be The Most Important Information You Will Ever Learn
To Protect, Defend, and Restore Your Rights To Freedom & Liberty

This is “must know” stuff for you, your family, and your friends. Please take
the time to review all of this carefully. Your future depends upon it !!!
You, and others like you, must first become aware of the truth behind the
planned “Destruction of America,” then join with us to STOP THE MADNESS !!!

I. Let's Start Off With John F. Kennedy's Warning about SECRECY:

The President Who Told the Truth - JFK's Speech on Freedom of the Press vs Secrecy – YouTube:

The following research and information will open your eyes to the truth about those behind the concept of the New World Order. Who are these groups? Why all the secrecy? Why are we never allowed to know what they are discussing? What are they really planning and who are they controlling? Why are both the Republicans and Democrats marching forward together to dismantle the Constitution and our liberties? and Why is the media silent?

II. The Controller's Behind True Power and World Domination:

A. The Club of Rome, Chatham House and The Committee of 300:

  1. The Club of Rome, Chatham House & The Committee of 300 - Dr. John Coleman – YouTube:
  2. The Club of Rome, Origin of Global Warming Scam - Alan Watt – YouTube:
  3. The Club of Rome, Exposing Agenda 21 & 'Sustainable' Development' - Ann Bressington (Australian Politician) – YouTube:
  4. Chatham House RIIA 1938 Global Meeting; Proof That Major Global Events Are Planned Decades In Advance - Alan Watt – YouTube:

B. The Bilderberg Group:

  1. The Bilderberg Group; The Secret Rulers of the World – YouTube:
  2. The True Story of the Bilderberg Group – YouTube:
  3. The Bilderberg Group (Conspiracy Theory, S1 Ep 5) - Jesse Ventura – YouTube:
  4. Who Is Bilderburg And What Are They Up To ? - Alex Jones – YouTube:
  5. New World Order Bilderberg Group - Open Your Eyes and See The TRUTH – YouTube:
  6. Bilderberg Group Members – YouTube:

C. The Trilateral Commission:

  1. The Trilateral Commission exposed - author Patrick Wood – YouTube:
  2. The Rockefellers & Trilateral Commission – YouTube:

D. The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR):

  1. What Is The Council On Foreign Relations? What Do They Do? Who Funds Them?:
  2. The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and The New World Order:
  3. The Illuminati & the Council on Foreign Relations - Myron Fagan – YouTube:
  4. The Machinations Of The Council On Foreign Relations - Alan Watt – YouTube:
  5. Council on Foreign Relations - The Power Behind Big News – YouTube:
  6. Rothschild's Council on Foreign Relations – YouTube:
  7. The History of NAFTA and the Council on Foreign Relations – YouTube:
  8. Hillary Clinton admits the CFR gives the Orders – YouTube:

E. The Rothschild Empire:

  1. Criminal Rothschild's Timeline – YouTube:
  2. The House of Rothschild (Full Documentary) – YouTube:
  3. The Rothschilds Exposed (Full Version) – YouTube:
  4. Rothschilds Control The World - David Icke – YouTube:
  5. Rothschild Zionism and their Control Grid - David Icke – YouTube:
  6. Obama - The Rothschild's Choice For President – YouTube:
  7. The Obama Deception - Full Version – YouTube:

F. The New World Order:

  1. The Complete Idiot's Guide to the New World Order – YouTube:
  2. Invisible Empire - A New World Order Defined - Alex Jones – YouTube:
  3. Welcome To The New World Order – YouTube:
  4. The U.N. Deception (One World Dictatorship) – YouTube:
  5. Ex-FBI Tells Of New World Order Police State Plan – YouTube:

G. The 3 Corporate Cities That Run the World:

  1. Empire of the City; The 3 'City States' Who Rule the World Today – YouTube:
  2. The Act of 1871- Article Written by Lisa Guiliani – YouTube:
  3. The United States Isn't a Country - It's a Corporation:
  4. Proof of an Incorporated America - Organic Act of 1871 – YouTube:

H. Proof That These Powerful Men (Left & Right) Are Mad !!!:

  1. Bohemian Grove - Dark Secrets - Inside the Bohemian Grove – YouTube:

That's an awful lot of information to digest isn't it? However, it is all so important that each and every American who loves our country, our freedoms, and our liberties, must study it all and help others to grow in awareness about this diabolical threat to our way of life.

In my next post I will delve into the secrets of the Catholic church, the Jesuits, and Freemasonry and how they control from behind the scenes. I will give you detailed and factual documentation that their plan is already unfolding right under our noses couched in appealing terms designed to hide the truth.

I'll leave you with one last video to think about that this has been going on a long time.
Robert Welch's 1958 Mind Blowing Speech on the NWO's Plans to Destroy America – YouTube:

Thank you for being loyal American Patriots and trying to learn the Truth
Kent Richardson

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