Monday, November 5, 2012

Stealing Your Right To Vote

You Can't Waste Your Vote Since it is Already Stolen !!!

Why all Americans need to write in Ron Paul:

This is a “must read” for all Americans who cherish their “right” to vote and be certain that it counts. There is a very large misunderstanding that a vote for any 3rd-party candidate in the upcoming election is a “wasted” vote or a vote for Obama.

The following information will convince any thinking person that your right to choose has already been seriously compromised, and in fact stolen, by the Republican National Committee from the very beginning of the Iowa Caucus right up through the Republican National Convention. Here's just a smattering of the proof:

Rampant Fraud in the Caucuses & Primaries Nation-wide:

Iowa Caucus STOLEN from Ron Paul – YouTube:

Iowa Caucus 2012 - GOP Establishment Steals Votes From Ron Paul, Voter Fraud – YouTube:

Proof That Iowa Caucuses Were Rigged – YouTube:

New Hampshire Primary Election Rigged Voting Fraud - You Tube:

North Dakota Ron Paul Election Fraud - Ben Swann Reality Check – YouTube:

Illinois GOP Election Fraud Against Ron Paul - You Tube:

Reality Check - Ron Paul Election Fraud WA – YouTube:

More Voting Fraud Against Ron Paul - Georgia - You Tube:

GOP Election Fraud Against Ron Paul at Missouri Clay County – YouTube:

Voter Fraud Allegations in Alaska – YouTube:

Proof of Vote Fraud in South Carolina – YouTube:

Ron Paul - Vote Rigged Against Him In Nevada? - YouTube:

Reality Check - Maine Caucus Fraud Against Ron Paul – YouTube:

2012 Election RIGGED - This is going Viral – YouTube:

Total Election Fraud Against Ron Paul Documented – YouTube:

GOP Resorts to Vote Fraud Against Ron Paul in Every State – YouTube:

Ron Paul Openly Calls GOP Election Fraud – YouTube:

The Media & Candidates are Part of the Fraud:

Actual Media Proof They Are Blacking Out Ron Paul – YouTube:

Mainstream Media Caught Lying About Ron Paul's Campaign Being Over – YouTube:

Ron Paul Wins - Romney Should Be Ashamed - FRAUD – YouTube:

Romney Should be Disqualified for Election Fraud – YouTube:

Obama Caught on Open Mic Admitting Election Fraud by 'Powers That Be' – YouTube:

The Fraud Continues right on up to the top of the RNC:

Lawyers For Ron Paul Civil Rights (Voting Rights) Lawsuit FAQ – YouTube:

Reality Check - RNC Fraud – YouTube:

Video of RNC Teleprompter Showing Results of Scripted Voting Before Voting Finished – YouTube:

And the Fraud Continues even During and After you Vote!!!

Proven Voting Fraud - Gov't Programmer Testifies Voting Machines are Rigging Elections – YouTube:

Vote Fraud - Diebold Whistleblower Speaks Out – YouTube:

Voting Machine Fraud - Votergate part 1 of 6 - You Tube:

Ron Paul Votes Stolen by Goldman Sachs Systems – YouTube:

Are you getting the idea yet “sheeple”??? Your vote cannot be wasted because it never mattered to them to begin with!!! The GOP stole it and now they own it!!!

Anyone who intends to vote for the fraudulent candidate Mitt Romney is only abdicating their right to choose and is ratifying the largest fraud ever perpetrated on the American voters. That is the “true” waste of your vote and sends them the wrong signal. A vote for Romney tells them you are nothing more than “sheeple” who are too dumb to understand their game and are willing to accept it!

Send the correct signal that you are sick of the lies and games and fraud perpetrated by both major parties and vote for a 3rd-party candidate or better yet write in Ron Paul. He should be running in place of the thief and Bilderberg Group/World Order/Neocon lackey Mitt Romney.

But wait....The two twins (parties) have gone even further to prevent you from having a real choice by either making it either illegal, or very difficult, in all 50 states, to write in a candidate of your choice. Do you see how you really have no chance for your vote to count??? If you want to be sure your vote does count, take 2 minutes to fight this insanity:

Copy/paste and use the below script to contact the Attorney General in Your State and his/her office to inform them that you are aware of this illegality and the nationwide pending legal challenge and want your fundamental Constitutional right to Write In your vote for President returned immediately!


"I am aware of the 50-state Write-In Legal Challenge served to your offices and as an active grassroots leader in local, state and national elections. I want you to join with the AG's of New Hampshire, Maine, Wyoming, Missouri, Oregon, Washington, Iowa, Wisconsin and Missouri to honor my right to vote my conscience without conditions on Write-in candidates by furnishing paper ballots to all Voters who come to the polls, counting and reporting the votes of whomever they write in, and by including a provision for allocating Electors.

Further, I want to be able to report to my precinct and communities that we can continue to support your political endeavors because YOU supported the spirit of the Constitution on this critical issue. I am therefore asking you to settle with the Plaintiffs in this pending legal matter via the contact information you have received and/or 1-800-667-7765."

Relevant Quotes:

Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.” - President John Quincy Adams

In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock.” - President Thomas Jefferson

"Politics without Principles is a Deadly Sin" - Clint Moser

"Truth is Treason in an Empire of Lies" - Congressman Ron Paul

Freedom and Liberty are best defended when the principles of Truth, Justice, Honor and Integrity are placed above all else.” - Kent Richardson

Thank you in advance for being loyal patriotic Americans
Kent Richardson

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